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Ningbo Horizon Magnetic Technologies Co., Ltd. is a vertically integrated manufacturer of rare earth Neodymium magnet and its related magnetic assemblies. Thanks to our unrivalled expertise and rich experience in the magnet field, we could supply customers with a wide range of magnet products from prototypes to mass production, and help customers achieve cost effective solutions.

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  • Why Permanent Magnets Needed in Hall Effect Sensors

    Hall effect sensor or Hall effect transducer is an integrated sensor based on Hall effect and composed of Hall element and its auxiliary circuit. Hall sensor is widely used in industrial production, transportation and daily life. From the internal structure of the hall sensor, or in the process o...

  • How to Select Magnets in Development of Hall Position Sensors

    With the vigorous development of the electronic industry, the position detection of some structural components slowly changes from the original contact measurement to the non-contact measurement through Hall position sensor and magnet. How can we choose a suitable magnet according to our products...

  • NdFeB and SmCo Magnets Used in Magnetic Pump

    Strong NdFeB and SmCo magnets can generate power to drive some objects without any direct contact, so many applications take advantage of this feature, typically like magnetic couplings and then magnetically coupled pumps for seal-less applications. Magnetic drive couplings offer a non-contact tr...