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Ningbo Horizon Magnetic Technologies Co., Ltd. is a vertically integrated manufacturer of rare earth Neodymium magnet and its related magnetic assemblies. Thanks to our unrivalled expertise and rich experience in the magnet field, we could supply customers with a wide range of magnet products from prototypes to mass production, and help customers achieve cost effective solutions.

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  • Why NdFeB Magnet Used in Dry Type Water Meter

    Dry type water meter refers to a rotor type water meter whose measuring mechanism is driven by magnetic elements and whose counter is not in contact with the measured water. The reading is clear, the meter reading is convenient and the measurement is accurate and durable. Because the counting me...

  • How Diametrical NdFeB Magnet Disc Used in Magnetic Encodes

    If you have the opportunity to disassemble a magnetic rotary encoder, you will usually see an internal structure like the one shown above. The magnetic encoder is composed of a mechanical shaft, a shell structure, a PCB assembly at the end of the encoder, and a small disc magnet rotating with th...

  • How Rare Earth Magnets Used in Magnetic Sensors

    The magnetic sensor is a sensor device that converts the change of magnetic properties of sensitive components caused by external factors such as magnetic field, current, stress and strain, temperature, light, etc. into electrical signals to detect the corresponding physical quantities in this wa...