• 5G Circulator and Isolator SmCo Magnet

    5G Circulator and Isolator SmCo Magnet

    5G, the fifth generation mobile communication technology is a new generation of broadband mobile communication technology with the characteristics of high speed, low delay and large connection. It is the network infrastructure to realize the man-machine and object interconnection. The Internet o...
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  • China Neodymium Magnet Situation and Prospect

    China Neodymium Magnet Situation and Prospect

    China’s permanent magnet material industry plays an important role in the world. There are not only many enterprises engaged in production and application, but also research work has been in the ascendant. Permanent magnet materials are mainly divided into rare earth magnet, metal permanent...
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  • Magnet Was Tried to Use in Ancient China

    The iron absorption property of magnetite has been discovered for a long time. In the nine volumes of Lu's spring and Autumn Annals, there is a saying: "if you are kind enough to attract iron, you may lead to it." At that time, people called "magnetism" as "kindness". Th...
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  • When and Where Is Magnet Discovered

    The magnet is not invented by man, but a natural magnetic material. Ancient Greeks and Chinese found a natural magnetized stone in nature It is called "magnet". This kind of stone can magically suck up small pieces of iron and always point in the same direction after swi...
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